Saturday, January 24, 2015

A couple of '64s that I forgot to show off + some other stuff

With all the serial numbered insanity cards that I've gone through since the beginning of the year, there was a couple of other cards that I neglected to show off.   A pair of '64 Topps cards that have vaulted me over the 500 card mark for the set!  I'm getting closer, but unlike the SNI set, the final 86 cards that I need for this set is going to be a bit more of a daunting task to acquire.

I really like the All-Star Vets card on the left; it's one that I've been trying to find at a reasonable price for a while, and I was lucky to find it on COMC for $3.  The Hector Lopez card set me back just under $3, but that's the price I guess I'm going to have to pay to acquire some of the Yankees commons that I need.

I haven't done a shout out for a fellow blogger in a while, but seeing this guy's blog made me want to speak up.

Dan at the Daily Autograph blog is one of my more recent followers (thank you Dan), and as I am continually playing catch up, I finally got around to checking out his blog today.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of obtaining in person autographs, it's just not my thing.   I don't discourage anyone out there from the practice, because I've seen a lot of great stuff on many people's blogs, and have been fortunate enough to receive a bit of swag that was obtained IP from other people.

Dan's blog, well it takes the IP autograph to a whole new level.  He posts one card a day, at 10AM.  Dan is posting his cards in the order that he received the autograph.  How is that for meticulousness!!
His coming soon tabs at the top of his blog (there's 2 of them, for both halves of the alphabet) show off the schedule he has for future players.  The latest date I've seen is April 2017!  Seeing something like this makes me feel bad that I'm going to post approximately a dozen times in January.  Maybe it's just the kick in the ass that I need.

Give Dan a follow if you'd like, you just might see someone you may have forgotten about over time, like Floyd Rayford .  Keep up the good work Dan!

Speaking of autographs, I have had a pretty good week obtaining autos myself.   I scored an auto from Wes at Jaybarkerfan's Junk earlier in the week, and today I received a 2nd auto from a fellow blogger.

I received the goodies from the group break that Chris at Nachos Grande ran earlier this month today, and inside the box was this bonus! 

Is this another trend in the blogosphere?  #Walletcard has been a smash hit in the blog world, and now 2 autos from fellow bloggers in one week?   Damn I am so behind the times.

I'm a book nerd by the way, so my #Walletcard is actually a book mark.  I haven't dinged the card up too much as of yet, but I'm sure after a while it'll be a mess...

Maybe I'll find a suitable card for my wallet soon, you know, something to join all the moths in there.

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Love those 64s!! That's got to be a shot of Fox and Killebrew from the '61 All Star Game at Fenway. And the Hector Lopez reminds me of my Dad as he loved the guy. I think he was happier to see Lopez in the lineup than Mantle or Maris when we went to Yankee games.

  2. That Fox/Killebrew is absolutely beautiful. I see that Fox has the bowling ball-sized dip of tobacco in his mouth, as is the case with most of his cards.

  3. Thanks for the kind words about my blog. I've enjoyed reading yours since I discovered it, so it's nice to be recognized by someone whom I've enjoyed following. Oh, I got another autograph in person today, so now I'm into May of 2017.