Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Magic Man

I placed another order with COMC.com last week, and decided to do the one day shipping.  I knew that the package was going to arrive today, and had prepared myself to post about serial numbers and a couple of '64 Topps cards.

Sorry, but things change.

I got home today and found not one, but two envelopes in the mailbox.   Surprise envelopes are the best, especially when it's from one of the finalists for the most generous blogger category in the 2014 Bip Awards.

Wes, who runs the Jaybarkerfan's Junk blog, found some great cards to send my way.   There were several want lists represented, so without further adieu, let's take a look.

In order for the modern want lists to be included, Wes slid in one card towards the SNI set.

Kevin Barry is the 43rd Brave out of 50, and is serial numbered 302.  With all the cards that Wes has sent me, that's the first card towards the insanity set!  Speaking of SNI, it's now down to 191 cards remaining, and even that number will be reduced after I sort through the other envelope I received today.

There's a card from the 1973 Topps want list to show off as well.   Another Brave, Larvell Blanks!!

You may or may not have heard about the guy on the right as well.  If I remember correctly, it's his RC as well....

So the 60's didn't feel left out, some burlap beauties made their way inside.

I had no idea that Larry Hisle was a draft choice of the Phillies and played 4 years there.  My memories of Hisle are him wearing Twins and Brewers unis.  You learn something new every day.

Best of all, there were a few '59s in the envelope, 17 of them to be exact.

I thought I would just show 3 of the cards for now, since you'll be seeing posts about each over time (at least I hope some of you will be around to see them).  If you're thinking Claude Osteen looks young in that photo, you're correct.  He debuted in 1957 as a 17 year old, and this is his RC featuring a photo at the tender age of 19 (if indeed the photo was taken in '59).

Finally, like many others around the blogosphere, I also received a personalized hit from Wes.

Serial #'d 27/98, which makes it even better because my birthdate is the 27th. 

Yes, Wes indeed is the Magic Man when it comes to making want lists disappear, so here's a song from Heart in recognition...

Wes, thank you very much for the surprise envelope, the cards are really appreciated!!!  By the way, you already had my vote for most generous blogger...

thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Burdette posing as a lefty, a great card. Topps never could decide how to spell his first name.

    Nice gift package!