Tuesday, July 22, 2014

There has been a lot of interest in the Serial Numbered Insanity project since I started it a couple of years ago.  I've done my best to keep track of what cards have been sent to me by what person.  I counted 62 different bloggers/traders that have supported this project by sending me some great stuff.

For those of you that remember Ted from the retired Crinkly Wrappers blog, he was (and still is) the biggest contributor so far, with 90 cards towards the set. 

Out of those who are currently active in the blogosphere, there are none that have contributed more than Max over at the Starting Nine blog.  I was fortunate enough to open a package today that contained 21 more cards towards the insanity.  Once all 21 have been posted, Max will have contributed 74 cards towards the set (if my math is correct).  Incredible stuff...

These three cards tonight put the set above the 76% mark, leaving only 359 cards to obtain (less the others that Max sent, which will be shown over the next week or so).  

Let's look at the first three...

Serial Number 1284
Interesting to read that the Blue Jays are rumored to be possibly in the running to pick up Ian Kennedy, who is now pitching for the Padres.  Ian had a couple of good seasons with the Diamondbacks in 2011 and 2012, and is throwing some good numbers so far this season, even though his record is only 7-9.  Kennedy is the 33rd D'backs card out of the 50 needed for the set.

Serial Number 1354
Jackson finished 2nd in the ROY voting in 2010, losing out to 40 save man Neftali Feliz of the Rangers.  Kind of weird stat:  8 of his 28 RBI's in 2014 have come via the sacrifice fly; he currently leads the AL in SFs.  I thought that the Tigers might be one of those teams that were finished early in this project, but since this is only the 30th card for them, they might end up as one of the last.

Serial number 200
Serial Number 200 is now off the list courtesy of Brian Stokes.   There are only 5 of the 15 "round numbers" left to go.  Brian's major league career ended after the 2010 season, due to a shoulder injury that actually caused a free agent contract he signed with the Blue Jays to be voided.  Stokes did pitch for a couple of months in the Diamondbacks system in 2011, but struggled at AAA and was released in the off season.  The Angels are now the 2nd team at the 49 out of 50 mark, joining the Mets on the precipice of completion (man that sounds hoity toity, don't you think?).

Max, as always, thank you!  The whole envelope is great and truly appreciated.

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Is it just me, or were the 2010 Topps Gold more shiny than the last four years? I love it.

  2. I am honored to be such a regular contributor to such insanity. You are very welcome, btw, for all the help. And to think, those 21 cards only cost me $2.10. You can't put a price on altruism, though.