Friday, July 11, 2014

The classics keep on living

Another week has come and gone for the "What's Next?" tournament, and by a margin of 16-4 this week's winner is:

1960 Topps!  Not a surprise really, as it seems that the sets from the '60s appear to be the favorites of many a collector.   An interesting trend has developed; this is the 3rd straight week that the winning set has received exactly 16 votes.  I'm not too sure how next week's voting is going to turn out, as '74 Topps takes on the first play in match winner, '61 Topps. 

I just happened to pull card #288 Bob Mabe out of the small group of 1960 cards that I have, but what jumped out at me right away is the old style Orioles logo.  Sets such as this would be enjoyable to build for me because of the logos.  The '64 set has been fun to put together, but seeing cards like this one remind me how cool some of the older logos look.

Still a long way to go in the tournament, there's still 9 matches to go before the ultimate winner is decided.  Keep on voting, and spread the word if you can, because I'd love to see more votes each week (the voting seems to stop right at 20 for some reason...).

Thanks for reading, and voting, Robert

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  1. For a long while I thought I might be the only person to vote for 1979. I'm glad to have some support, but I can't deny that, after a while, part of me wanted to be the only one.

    I'm already starting to think about what I'm going to write for the 1974-1961 battle royale...