Thursday, July 17, 2014

Good things come in 3's

I walk up the pathway to my house, and I see the mailbox overflowing.  "You hit the jackpot today" my wife tells me.

Did I ever.

Not only did I come home to start the first of 3 consecutive 3-day weekends, there were 3 packages in the mailbox for me.  Let me rephrase that, there were 2 bubble mailers, and a box that couldn't fit in the mailbox.  The wife didn't even touch them.  I honestly like to think she waits on the porch just to see the look on my face when I see them.  You know....bug eyes....

Inside the box, which came my way courtesy of Brian from Play at the Plate, were 3 (there it is again) cards for the SNI set.  Brian is one of the top contributors to the madness; with these 3 cards there are now 45 listings on the spreadsheet with PATP beside them.

Let's not wait any longer, here are 3 more serial numbered cards for your perusal.

A much needed Astro!!  J. D. Martinez is the 29th Houston Astros card that has come my way.  Even better, his serial number is 99, which knocks the two-digit serial numbers remaining to a paltry two (35 & 41).  I have a question, how did the Astros let go of this guy?  He signs with Detroit two days after getting released by the Astros near the end of spring training, and all he does so far in Tiger land is hit 13 HR and .346 in 55 games.  Not too shabby...

To be honest, I had never heard of this guy until I got the card.  80 ABs over 3 seasons with San Diego and the White Sox is probably why.  So far in 2014, he's spent the entire season with the White Sox AAA club in Charlotte.  Blake's card is serial numbered 420, and I now have 44 out of the 50 Padres cards I need for the set.

Eric Hosmer seems to struggle during even numbered years so far during his 4 year career.  2012 was not kind to him, only hitting .232/14/60.  So far in 2014, it's .268/6/42.  The Royals are only 2.5 games out of the wild card going into the 2nd half, and I'm sure that they're hoping that Hosmer can pick up the pace for them.  This card is serial #'d 1184, and it is the 33rd card for the Royals in the set.

By the way Brian, as a little aside, I showed my wife the box that you sent and told her it was filled with Blue Jays.   The first thing out of her mouth?  "Send it back, he needs to sort it first before sending".

Why didn't I think of that???

thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. You tell your lovely wife I sorted 16,000 cards BEFORE I pulled the Jays out! Those were all on your wantlist when I started, but I know some of them may be dupes by now. Enjoy my friend!