Friday, July 18, 2014

Another landslide, and that's no Bull

A pattern seems to be developing.  For the 3rd straight week, by a margin of 16-4, we have a landslide winner.

Yep, '74 Topps put a hammering on the '61 set. I guess I'm not surprised by the outcome, but I thought that '61 might garner more than a couple of sympathy votes.   I love the old style Phillies uniform with the stylized "P", featured here on card #360 of Greg Luzinski. 

Speaking of sympathy votes, don't be afraid to vote with your heart during this tournament.   I'm prepared to live (or die trying) by the verdict handed down by the masses.  I have enjoyed putting together the '64 set, and have been buoyed by the availability of bargains for some of the pricier cards (Mantle, Rose).  It'll be a challenge to put together whatever you send me off to build. 

The final match of round 1 starts tomorrow, and probably will be the best contest in the first round, as 63 Topps faces off against 72 Topps.  If this one ends in a blow out, I will be shocked.

Thanks for reading, and voting, Robert

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