Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A dry July

After nearly 3 years of showing off the trades, purchases, auction wins and various other spoils that I've obtained while writing my blog, I've finally hit a dry patch.

It was bound to happen.  I will admit that part of the reason that I'm going to have a dry July is that bills need to be "pushed".  A little bit extra on the plastic, along with getting ahead of the game on the household bills is stretching the wallet a little bit.

Which means I have a little less green to buy the green:

A little less silver to buy some diamonds:

A shortage of $2 bills (or twonies/toonies if you're from the GWN) to buy Heritage:

I couldn't even scrape two nickels together to add to my Jim Thome collection.

[Don't even get me started on the SNI project.....]

The really sad part of all this is my predictability.  When I mentioned to my better half that my post tonight was going to be about the lack of purchases during July, she said right away "because you're saving for the big card show next month, right?" 

I guess I really am that bad, aren't I??  (Note to the NO:  Classic post tonight sir, love it)

So I guess for the remainder of the month I'm going to have to rely on the tournament and what I have on hand now for posts.  I believe I have plenty enough in my collection to get through the month....


thanks for reading, Robert


  1. July is the one month out of the year that I actually have cash for cards. Now I just have to wait for time to spend it.

  2. Normally I spend less during the summer months. That changed this year with my surgery as I have nothing better to do than shop eBay and watch tv.

  3. Saving up for a vacation to the good old USA to actually watch some baseball, so I feel your pain.