Thursday, January 30, 2014

Filling in some holes

A couple of weeks back I received an email from Weston over at the Fantastic Catch blog, offering up some cards for the SNI set.  A few emails back and forth, a few more cards added to each side, and about a week later a trade was born.

There was a lot of great stuff in the envelope that arrived yesterday.   Let's start with some miscellaneous Jays

A couple of cards towards the Blue Jays version of the Biography behemoth, a couple more golden Jays that I didn't have, and one UD insert.   All fit in just nicely.

There were a couple of Roy Halladay's that I needed...that list is shrinking by the trade it seems.

I really like the Upper Deck Portraits card on the right.  The Halladay is the 3rd Jay I own from that set.

Weston also sent some Chrome refractor love my way....regular and orange flavored.

Joey Bats scanned really well.

Of course, the 4 insanity cards filled some holes as well.

Serial number 1356

Matt is only the 29th Tiger I have so far for the set.  If you think I'm going to try and type his last name again and again, you're crazy.

Serial Number 1401

Lohse is a little easier to type.  The Brewers now stand at 32 out of 50.  What's the first thing I notice on this card you ask?   The tattoo of course!!  Not sure what it is, but looks kind of cool to me.

Serial Number 570

Weston has put the Yankees on the edge.  Only one more card left to go and the Yankees are done! 

Serial Number 1450
Mr. Nolasco brings the Fish up to 32 cards out of 50.  I am still having a hard time deciding whether I like the new Marlins logo or not.   I like the colors, then I don't like the colors.  It's a good thing I don't root for them full time...

The SNI set now stands at 1085 cards, only 415 to go.  Guys, I appreciate everyone looking out for cards for this crazy project of mine.  I'm looking forward to including the first 2014 Topps serial numbered card for the set, hopefully that comes soon.

Weston, thank you very much for the fantastic trade!!  The cards are very much appreciated!

Thanks for reading, Robert

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