Thursday, January 23, 2014

An older kid with a new kid sends some cardboard goodness

In contrast to this morning's post where I was fortunate enough to introduce a new blog, the evening post introduces me to some new cards from an older kid with a new kid, specifically Mark from This Way to the Clubhouse.

I decided to celebrate the recent addition to Mark's family by sending some cardboard his way, and totally unexpected (and unnecessary...) I received some great stuff in return.

How about some green and Blue Jays to start?

I had to check, but I did already obtain the Delabar recently, but the Joey Bats and the Kyle Drabek Heritage Chrome cards were both needed.  I took a quick look to see if the serial number on the Drabek would fit into the SNI set.   It didn't.   But the next two cards did.

Serial Number:244  31st card for the Twins

I decided to cheat and scan both of the cards that did fit the serial insanity set and include them into the post.

Serial Number:1319  45th card for the Halos
The Kole Calhoun is a pretty sharp card, I like that you can make out a little bit of the gold jersey of one of the A's catchers (that's what I'm guessing, don't know any other teams that wear yellow/gold).
Calhoun brings the set to 1077 cards, only 423 to go.

Knowing my love for hockey, Mark sent me a couple of interesting cards from the SI for Kids magazine.

The Brian Bellows is from the '92 SI for Kids set, while the MacInnis is from the initial set released in 1989.  I know that these releases featured stars from the major sports, but beyond that I don't know a whole lot about those sets.

Last but not least, Mark hit another part of my collection, the Jim Thome PC.

Yea, it's pretty bright, but the Show Stoppers insert from the Fleer Authentix 2005 set is an instant favorite of mine.  Also from 2005, the mini card from the Cracker Jack set is more my speed as far as minis go.  For me, these minis are a lot easier to handle (and read), and this card feels like an older piece of cardboard as well.

Great stuff Mark, thank you very much!!  Very much appreciated (thank you Gabriel as well)!!

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I pulled a card #'d 2003 out of 2004 yesterday. Any chance you'll add 503 more after the first 1500 are done? ;)

  2. Happy to reciprocate the cardboard love, Robert!

    I'll keep my eyes peeled for more Thomes, since they've been popping up with a lot more regularity at my local shows (especially the ones in Philies unis).