Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The so bad it's good set. My top 5: 2001-02 UD Vintage hockey

I will say this, my quest to post a top 5 for each set that I complete is doing some good.  It's forcing me to take a look at some of the sets that I started years ago.  Sometimes those years actually turn to a decade or more, which is the case with the set I just finished this week.

I finally finished the 2001-02 Upper Vintage hockey set, with the word vintage being used very loosely.

Definitely not the greatest release ever put to cardboard.  But it was one of those sets that I vowed when I first started this blog that I would complete, and now finally it has been put to bed.

So try and suppress those yawns, and take a look at my top 5 cards from this very monotonic set.

#5:  Dan Bylsma

There are 37 cards listed in the Trading Card Database of Dan Bylsma.  By my count, 27 of them are parallels.  For a guy that played during an era where there was a multitude of sets and cards produced, Dan sure didn't make the cut for a lot of sets. 

It's also cool to see Coach Bylsma with out his glasses...

#4:  Wes Walz

Let'z zee, how many wayz can I type wordz with the letter z inztead of an s??  Maybe one of the funniest error cards I've come across, you have to wonder how Upper Deck blew this one.  Walz played 607 games over a 13 year NHL career, and I'm sure that not one time in the box scores did anyone spell his name Wez. 

#3:  Miroslav Satan

There was a time when I actually liked these 3rd uniforms for the Sabres.  I'd like to think that my mental faculties have gotten a lot better in the decade since then...

I don't know if it ever would be a good idea for Satan to be walking around with sabres attached to him....

#2:  Daniel Sedin

Another classic mistake by the Upper Deck company (at least in my opinion).  Anyone who has followed hockey for the past decade knows about the Sedin twins.  For some reason, in this set Upper Deck included a card of Daniel, but didn't use Henrik.

Maybe UD thought they could get two cards for the price of one? 

#1:  Dominik Hasek

I will give credit for Upper Deck getting Hasek on a Red Wings card for this set.  Hasek was traded by Buffalo to the Red Wings after 9 seasons in the Queen City.  Hasek paid immediate dividends for the Wings by leading them to the Stanley Cup in 2001-02.  Hasek was only one of 3 cards in the set that didn't feature the player in some kind of hockey "action" pose.  The other 2 were players that also found new homes in 2001-02, Jeremy Roenick and Doug Weight.

So there you have it, the best of the best...or so to speak.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Cool set. Shame no Sharks made your top 5. I always like these retro vintage sets. Their cardstock is usually perfect for in-person autographs.

  2. I actually have some of these in a box somewhere. Back in those days, I bought a little of everything...and a lot of some stuff.