Friday, October 25, 2013

I thought I bought the Blue Jays in the group break

I participated recently in a great group break by Chris over at the Nachos Grande blog.  I was excited late last week to receive a big envelope full of cards, many of which I didn't own already (a good thing).

While I struck out on any "hits", I did get some interesting cards.  Four of these cards actually picture Jays players in other team's uniforms, something I know that a lot of people don't particularly care for.

At least the first player, Raul Mondesi, is wearing a uniform that has the same colors as the Jays.

Mondesi spent 2.5 seasons in Toronto, fairing reasonably well with 66 HRs.  It was interesting to go through his career stats and see that he had stops in Anaheim (8 games) and Atlanta (41 games) to finish up his career.   I still think that the Dodgers got the better end of the deal (Shawn Green) that sent Mondesi to the Jays.

These two cards represent two players that were at different points of their career.  Ted Lilly came to the Jays in a deal with the Oakland A's for outfielder Bobby Kielty (another player I don't remember as a Jay).  Lilly had 3 decent seasons in Toronto, winning 37 games with a combined ERA of 4.52.  Pat Hentgen was at the end of his career when he returned to Toronto in 2004, and the numbers showed it.  Pat's ERA was almost 7 in 16 starts that year, and with only 2 wins by July 15th, Pat didn't pitch another game after that.  There are rumors floating that Hentgen may become the Jays pitching coach some time in the near future. 

This last card I need a little bit of help with...

This 2002 Fleer Maximum card features Carlos Delgado in a vintage uniform that I don't recognize.  I'm guessing that they wore these uniforms sometime during 2001, but I can't find anything that describes what they represent.  Raul Mondesi also sported this type of uniform on his 2002 Fleer Maximum card.  If anyone has any information about these retro duds, please feel free to comment.  I would love to know what era they are from.

These 4 cards are just a small part of a great stack of Blue Jays that will be added to the collection.   Thanks for the group break Chris!

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. It seems to be a Chatham Colored All-Stars uniform. The Jays did wear them for a game in 2002 at Shea, so it would depend when this set was released.

  2. Oh dang - I need that Delgado card!