Sunday, September 22, 2013

Decisions, decisions

Last Monday, I received an email from Brian over at Play at the Plate.  It was as simple as this:

"I have a better #1 for you if you want to switch it out."

Brian was referring to the Serial Numbered Insanity set of course.   I was curious, because the #1 card I already had was one that I traded for, and kind of liked...

I don't have too many "rare" cards, so this Javier Vazquez #'d 1/50 from the 2007 Bowman Chrome set was a great card to have as #1. 

Now my curiosity was piqued.  I followed up with Brian with an email saying "Dare I ask?"  Brian replied back that he would just send me the card and let me decide.

Hmmmm....maybe the front will help me to decide

Who am I kidding?  There's no decision necessary.

Any White Sox fans out there looking for a 2007 Bowman Chrome Gold parallel of Javier Vazquez that's up for trade?

Gotta love those holy shit moments when you open an envelope.   Thank you very much Brian!!!

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. You're welcome. I won that card from Cynical Buddha over at Collector's Crack a couple of years ago. He sent me two big boxes of relics and serial numbered cards. I've been thinking that a printing plate would make a great start to your SNI collection.

  2. that's awesome, and, as brian said, a great way to lead off the sni set. good stuff all around from and to two great traders!