Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The great clean up has begun

Procrastinator.  That should be one of my names. 

Leaning tower of Pisa. 

You may know of it.  I had piles of cards on my desk that were starting to look like this.   Leaning to one side.  Definitely not a good thing. 

So I sat down last Saturday, and started sorting.  Putting cards into plastic sheets.   Moving stuff that should have been into boxes several weeks ago.

You may remember a 300 count lot of 1974 Topps that I purchased at a card show back in May (see the linked post if you don't).  I spent a portion of Saturday starting an Excel checklist.   It was only one week shy of 3 months.  I also decided to put my 1973 Topps cards into sheets finally.   I spent so much time between straightening up the crazy amount of piles and doing stuff around the house that I didn't bother posting.   Blasphemy.

There were cards in piles that had been long forgotten about, such as this...

Or this:

I really like this insert, I may have to look for more
Even a pile of these had been pushed to the side:

Even Pops went MIA for a time.

I'm sure that there's more where this came from.  There's only about 18 more piles to go through.  Maybe if I get a dozen or so of those piles of the desk I'll have room to start some trade piles.

Here's hoping....

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Trade piles are the best kind. I got your package. Thanks! I'll get it posted sometime...

  2. I have a few leaning towers of cardboard sitting in my office. Hoping I'll be able to sort through them before I head back into the classroom.

  3. Yep I've had piles like that still do, many times they fall on over and I curse and mumble and grumble about it.

    I also know the feeling of finding some of those gems "lost" in the stacks.