Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Serial Insanity cards 926-930

These 5 cards bring the set to 62% complete.  Still quite a few in the wings to scan and write about, so let's get these five done, shall we?

Card #926:  Mike MacDougal

Serial Number: 903
Team:  Los Angeles Dodgers, card # 29 out of 50

Somebody should have taken a chance on him over the winter.   2013 is an odd numbered year, and he's pitched well each of the past two odd numbered seasons.  The last two even numbered seasons is a different story (ERA over 7)

Card #927:  Barry Zito

Serial Number:  859
Team:  San Francisco Giants, card # 27 out of 50

What is it about the San Francisco side of the bay that has really turned this guys career upside down.  Seven years in Oakland, only one year with an ERA over 4.  Seven years in SF, every season he's had an ERA over 4.  I'll take a chance and say the Giants don't pickup his option for 2014.

Card #928:  Andruw Jones

Serial Number:  865
Team:  New York Yankees, card # 42 out of 50

Maybe he should never have turned 30.  In the 5 years after 30, he only averaged 87 games a season, and only hit 13 HRs on average as well.  Maybe it was because those 5 seasons he spent away from the friendly confines of Turner Field.   Who knows?

Card #929:  Jonathan Papelbon

Serial Number:  792
Team:  Philadelphia Phillies, card # 28 out of 50

Part of the rookie class of 2006 in the AL that saw 4 of the top 5 ROY point totals go to pitchers.  Not a bad group of starters to be associated with, Verlander, Liriano and Weaver.   Kenji Johjima, how did you get in there?

Card #930:  Mark Buehrle

Serial Number: 723
Team:  Chicago White Sox, card # 27 out of 50

Did you know that Mark is currently 2nd among active pitchers in career hits allowed?  His 2990 hits only trail the old man himself, Andy Pettite.  Now you can wow your friends with that absolutely useless piece of information.

thanks for reading, Robert

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