Monday, August 5, 2013

For educational and trade purposes only

The pack ripping jones got me again.  I was at the big blue superstore on the weekend, and hoping for some inspiration in aisle 21, I got desperate and came home with a blaster box of Topps Archives.

I have absolutely no intention of collecting the set, but I figured I'd see what was what and maybe get a few cards worth trading to fellow collectors.

The cards aren't all that bad, replicating some cool sets from the past (not including 1990....I won't go there).  I also pulled a handful of inserts and a couple of SPs that might be on someone's want list, so without further adieu, let's have a look see...

Let's start with the SPs, guys with the nicknames Dewey and Bruno:

I will give Topps some credit here.  They've finally started using some other decent players, instead of the same old players that they seem to put into vintage/archives sets each year.  There are dozens of other names that have had decent careers that could be put into sets like this.  Names such as Fred Lynn, Dave Parker and Jose Cruz are 3 guys that instantly come to mind (without seeing the checklist for the '13 Archives set, I don't know if they are in the set this year).

How about a couple of NL All Stars:

Both the Hawk and the Straw man are earmarked for other bloggers, but these cards are pretty cool.  I'm wondering where the Dawson photo was taken (was spring training the time of year for the pic?) 

Here's some more inserts.  I will say that I also like the idea that Topps reached out to other designs from other sports to give a little variety to the different insert sets:

I really like the tall boys inserts, and the 72 basketball design could definitely grow on me as well.  I can't see how anyone would want those 4 particular Yankees on the same card.  Maybe some more famous pinstripers next time?   I don't think the Reds use the sleeveless unis like Rob Dibble is wearing, but that's something I wouldn't mind seeing come back.

Need particular cards to finish your set?  Here's a list of what I pulled that might help you out:

72 variation :  3,4,11,16,17,19,21,25,27,28,29,33,45,47
82 variation:  52,53,56,60,65,72,78,81,84,88,95,96,97,100
85 variation:  102,104,106,111,119,124,125,127,132,136,137,140,141,146
90 variation:  151,154,162,164,165,167,168,169,181,189,190,193,194,199

Comment or email if you're looking for any or all of these singles for your set building needs.

OK, now I'm educated.  This might be the first time I've ever attended summer school....

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I could really use the Griffey basketball insert and the Yankees 4-in-1 sticker for my set. I will have to look at your list to see if I have anything you need.

  2. Topps included Fred Lynn and Dave Parker in their Archives Fan Favorites autograph set. My guess is that they're also part of the base set as well.

  3. If nobody wants card numbers 16, 27, 140, 141, 146, and 193, could you add them to my trade "pile"? I've added some Blue Jays cards to your trade stack recently.