Thursday, August 1, 2013

2013 Topps Series 1: My top 5

I've wanted to do this post for the past 10 days now, but I kept putting it off when other ideas came to my mind.

Since I finally own all the cards in the set, I can honestly give my opinion as to what my top 5 are. 

Remember, it's not the top 5, these are the 5 cards that I like the best.  The one thing that I did notice while leafing through the 330 cards is that there is a lot of generic pitching and batting photos.  I finally managed to whittle down the 330 to 12, and then from those 12 I chose my 5 favorites.

Best of the rest?  Danny Espinosa (card 97), Didi Gregorius (296) and A.J. Pierzynski (12).  Those cards were good, but for me, my top 5 was just a bit better.

5.  David DeJesus (card # 209)

Any card showing a great catch in the ivy at Wrigley Field will be a part of one of my countdowns.  The only catch better than this?  Check out this commercial...

4. Matt Holliday (card # 207)

Nothing like a great photo featuring a hard nosed play at the plate.   Even better??  Check out where the tag was made.  No wonder Holliday was grimacing.  You don't see that on a card very often.

3.  Daniel Descalso (card # 190)

Now, you may be saying "what about the Daniel Murphy card?"  I did have the Murphy in my top 12, but for some reason, I prefer the head on shot of Descalso flying through the air more than the side view shot of Murphy.   The look on Descalso's face as well is one of determination, a great shot all around.  The striped socks don't hurt either...

2.  Jon Jay (card # 224)

With 3 cards in the top 5 showing outfielders committing a heinous crime, I'm sure you can guess that I'm slightly partial to those kinds of photos.  For me, there's 3 things that stand out on this card.  One, Jay is airborne.  Two, the photo of Tony LaRussa on the wall is a great secondary image on the card.  Three, the look on the face of the fan with the Washington Nationals jersey.  I wonder if the baseball in that guys hand was the one that Jay was going after....

1.  Josh Reddick (card # 316)

You can argue all you want about any other card in the set.  This photo in my opinion is just fantastic, because the larceny that Reddick is about to commit is well documented.  Glove over the wall, ball about to land in the glove, right at the foul line.  Fantastic.

Begin the disagreements....

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. You won't get any disagreement from me. Four out of your Top 5 have caused me to pause while flipping through base cards to take a closer look at the photo. I may have rated the David DeJesus shot a bit higher than the #4 and #5 cards, but that's really all I would change.

  2. When I did this, DeJesus, Jay and Reddick were 3-2-1. I don't think I had the Holliday card at the time, and I still don't think I have Descalso. But I'd probably stick with my top 3.

  3. I like the Reddick card so much that I looked at it and thought "Maybe I should do a post about the top cards of 2013...."

    We'll see if that actually happens.