Saturday, October 13, 2012

Six and Six

I was on the receiving end of some generosity from Ryan at the "O" No, another Orioles blog this week.  Ryan had posted his want list for this year's A&G set, cards that I was all too willing to give up, and in return I received 6 cards toward the insanity set, and 7 cards towards my '64 Topps set.

The reason this post is titled Six and Six is because one of the '64 Topps cards struck me as humorous, so it's getting its own little post on Monday afternoon. 

Here is some insanity for you:

After losing some steam for a few weeks, the insanity set has picked up recently.  You should be seeing some posts there over the next week for sure.

The '64 set has been hit and miss as well, but 6 more cards will be shown here and happily placed into the binder tonight...

Now, the three head shots you see here are pretty good pictures.  The one you'll see on Monday, well let's just say that fellow had a rough night....

Ryan, thank you for the trade, look forward to many more with you!

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. I'm glad we could make a deal to help each other out!