Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sakic Sunday: A different kind of Triple Crown

While perusing through my Joe Sakic collection to try and get some inspiration for this post, I came across these 3 cards and thought another toast for Miguel Cabrera's triple crown would be in order.

While these 3 crowns aren't made for wearing, they are nice enough to show off in tribute:

97/98, 98/99 & 99/00 Crown Royale

While not the greatest scan job I've ever completed, you get the idea.  This is the one design that I have to be careful about when I go to shows, because they always catch my eye and I wonder if I actually own the card.  One day when I get around to compiling a checklist of cards I need for the Sakic PC (which I realized even more today that I am woefully behind on), I should be able to figure out which of these Crown Royale cards I actually am missing.

I hadn't had these cards out of the pages in years, and when I put them one on top of the other after scanning them, I realized that the die cuts are identical for all 3 cards.  I never would have thought that would be the case, but then again it only makes sense....why spend more money on a new die when the previous one worked so well, right?

I hope to have in hand next week a couple of pretty special items that a blog reader is sending me in a trade, something a little out of the norm when it comes to the blog, but still will be a special part of the Joe Sakic collection.

thanks for reading, Robert

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