Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My first foray into the '57 Topps set

At the show a couple of weeks back I decided to hit a table that I don't normally buy from.  The same table that I picked up the '70 Topps commons for a dime apiece (I still kick myself for not buying more of those).  This dealer also has a giant plastic tub full of top loaders (with cards, of course) priced at 6 for $5. 

I figured that with nothing better to do, I'd dig through the tub and see what was in there.  I came up with these 5 cards from the '57 Topps set...

The cards on the top row are all in pretty good condition, while the Throneberry on the bottom row is creased quite a bit, and the Dick Hyde (easy on the snickering...) has a well rounded corner and the back has a bit of paper loss.  The look of this set is easy on the eyes, because the lettering of the player and team names do not detract from the photos.  I especially like the Mack Burk card, it actually looks as if he's going to be chasing a pop up.

The set is smaller in size (407) than the 60's/70's sets that I have been chasing, but some of the cards, such as the Brooks Robinson RC and the Mantle list for unbelievable prices.   To top that off, there are several others that go for $100 +, which means that owning the '57 set for me is likely just a dream.

But at 6/$5, I will buy commons of this set every day of the week...

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Nice pickups! I personally love the '57 set, but I seem to be in the minority in that realm of thinking.

  2. Yeah, I can't stand this set. It just screams boring to me. Or maybe it murmurs boring. Still, though, these are nice pickups. I dig the photos of the two catcher cards. A pretty great deal on these cards.

  3. I wasn't wild about the 1957 set until I bought a small lot of them. Once I had them in my hand, my mind completely changed. The backs are among the best ever, and it's the first set that feels like "real" cards due to the size. It was the last Topps base set I owned any cards off.

    any time you can pick them up for under a buck is a win.