Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Canadian English

(Note:  This post, like many others, is meant to poke fun at me, myself and IDo not interpret this to be personal or a shot at anyone other than the author.)

I have always believed in self-deprecation as a form of humour.   If you cannot laugh at yourself, you should not be laughing at others.

I'm sure you've read some of my self deprecating humour before on this very blog.  One of the ways I love to poke fun at myself is the way that I communicate.

I do this at work a lot.  I'll have an account exec, or even someone on the road send me an email or message, I'll respond back to them with the answer that I feel most appropriately solves the problem. Afterwards, I'll get a response back that is totally off the wall.  It is then that I ask one of my esteemed co-workers to take a look at what I wrote to be sure that my words actually made sense.  I'll also jokingly ask them "am I speaking in Canadian English here?"

I worry that what I say is not interpreted properly.  I worry about writing "like I speak", and will re-read posts 3 or 4 times before I am happy with what I have written.  I guess you could probably say I'm a worrier by nature.

What made me think of this was the trade package that I received from Napkin Doon a few days back.  I wrote about the Gypsy Queen cards that he sent me, but he also added a few other goodies in the envelope.

First was a serial numbered Blue Jays card....2001 Topps Gold Label Class 2 Brad Fullmer

Nap also added 3 other serial #'d cards in the envelope.

3 Flair Showcase serial #'d cards, cards that would fit well into the insanity set because they are numbers that I need.

if only they were Topps/Bowman products.....

Now this is not the first set of serial #'d cards that have come my way that weren't from Topps or Bowman.  I've received cards from Upper Deck, Donruss, Playoff, Leaf to name a few other companies.  I've even received cards that were serial #'d above 3000. (Why that is, I'll never know)

Again, the worrier comes back.   Maybe I didn't explain how the set works properly to everyone.

The Canadian English has crept back and has me explaining things bass ackwards.

Maybe the blogosphere is trying to tell me something.  1500 serial #'d cards, 50 per MLB team would still be a hell of an achievement even allowing all cards from all manufacturers into play.

It would allow me to add such cards as the multi colored UD Heroes cards...

It would allow me to add a card of Mark Grace where he looks like he's screaming because someone gave him a hot foot (he has to be pointing down for some reason)

It would allow me to add a card of a guy whom I consider to be one of the best defensive center fielders ever to roam a major league ball park...

No doubt another HR stolen

Who knows, maybe I'll change my mind and let all the various manufacturers be part of the insanity.

After what I've read lately, I'm sure Upper Deck fits the bill perfectly....

Bonne nuit mes amis Canadiens et Americains...oops sorry, that wasn't Canadian English...

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. HUMORous post. I guess humor becomes humour when there's a little too much you in it.

    ...get it's a play on words...and letters...and prejudice...

  2. I on the other hand could use the Ventura and Brosius as part of my PC. Let me do a little digging around and see if we can pull another one of our small trades if you're interested.

    1. Steve, sounds good, just let me know