Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Write what you want dammit

I currently follow 225 blogs on Google.  I would estimate I have another 10-15 I follow on Word Press or individual writer's websites.  I would say that all but 2 or 3 of them deal directly with our great hobby of card collecting. 

I read as much of what's written as I can.  There are scores of great writers out there with a passion for what they collect, and it shows in their writing.  Admittedly, there are some blogs that I prefer over others and will go to them first each and every time I log on.  I admonish myself each and every time I see a post for a blog that I haven't read in a few days by saying "you need to read some of his/her posts".

There are times when I don't see somebody post for a few days and I say to myself "I hope they are OK".

There are posts that make me laugh.  There are posts that make me think.  There are posts that make me post.  I do my best when the latter happens to give credit where credit is due.

I'll be damned if I can find one or two other bloggers out there that would even give a damn about the Blue Jays, or the myriad of Chrome colored parallels that I was able to obtain in a trade.

Don't rub your eyes, it's not a Chrome card...

I'll also be damned if I could find another handful of bloggers out there that give two shits about my beloved Maple Leafs, or the latest relic that I was lucky enough to score for a couple of dollars at a card show...

I don't cheer for the Cubs, Dodgers, Astros, Wolverines, Braves, Royals, Phillies, Cardinals, Canadiens, Penguins or the countless other teams that other bloggers write about.  They are not my cup of tea.

I know what you're saying...."what the hell is your point Robert??"  I'm getting to that...

I've read lately on posts that people are worried about other people reading their blogs, and wondering about what they might be saying and if anyone cares.

I say to this only one thing........  write what you want dammit!!

If you see that my blog has hit your website, there's a 99.99% chance that I've read your post right to the very end.  Whether it be a score you pulled from a pack, an opinion about a current topic in the sports world, or a trade post, you can be sure of one thing.

I'm interested, and reading all the way through.  Why?

Because there are a lot of you reading my stuff, and enjoying it.  So I owe it to you I owe you the courtesy of reading what you have to say, no matter how far off topic for me it may be.  I may pull up one little nugget of information about what you, or someone you've dealt with enjoys, collects or even detests, and that little nugget gets stored in the bigger nugget I call a brain.

Experiences and memories are what make this hobby great.  Each of us writing about one of our experiences just may bring back a memory for someone else that they may have buried.  It just may put a smile on someone's never know.

Write what you want don't know who you're going to touch today.

As always...thank you for reading, Robert


  1. True. As far as my birthday posts go (I have time for little else lately) I'm often surprised by what people comment about (usually not the top billed celebrity).

  2. Great post, Robert! 100% agree with your sentiments.

  3. Love it! I will keep on writing about those Royals! :-)

    BTW -- got your package. Hope to post about it later this week or early next.

  4. I don't think a lot of people are like you -- reading all the way to the end. But good for you letting people know that there ARE people like you reading all the way to the end. As a writer, that's important to know, and wonderful incentive.

  5. Word. I don't ever think "holy crap, I have to post something". When I feel in the mood, I blog. I try and hit the blog roll or some of the shortcuts I have saved to see what others are saying. I like finding new blogs to follow and add to my Gmail reader. I used to think that I wanted a lot of followers, but it's not my drive anymore. If/when I decide to celebrate something and have a giveaway, one of the things I won't say it "to enter, you have to be a follower". You want to read - great. If not - I'm fine with that. Hell, half of what I say is crap, and the other half tries to explain that crap.

    Don't get me wrong - you guys that blog daily, please don't stop on what I just said. I frigging love reading what you write. A few posts have come to mind based on something I read. I just won't change who I am just to be a celebrity or whatever the hell the equivalent would be in the blogsphere.

    That being said - please follow me. HAHAHAHA!

  6. That is the reason I began to blog, I was reading all yours for months. I had my own thoughts and sometimes skewed views, I think I have decent knowledge on not just cards but also something more than cards, how it is a hobby for one, or the family. In my latest post on how proud I am of my son, then ending on what I do with their sports pictures making a card auto/relic out of it. I like reading REAL views, not just someone in a Beckett getting paid, or some dumbass who trolls forums calling people idiots. I am glad you write, I do read, and am a sports fan, I do collect certain teams, but I do follow the Jays (maple leafs no...BLUES!), I just don't seem to ever hit anything Blue Jays. Keep it up buddy!

  7. I'm standing on top of my desk clapping right now.

  8. *stands up* ... *slow clap*

    Bravo good sir. Writing what you want is the exact, original point of blogging. Thank you for summing it up so nicely.

  9. Finally, some company in the Blue Jays/Maple Leafs collecting scene.

  10. If I couldn't write about whatever fool thing has entered my head, I'd have nothing to do except show pictures of Ballard-era Leafs and that would be a tragedy. :)

    So yes, I do Leafs and Jays, it's just that they're both rather depressing at the moment....

  11. It's so important in so many genres/mediums of writing to write what you want. A good reminder here.

  12. yup.

    and, the blue jays have been my american league team since about 1979, although i have had a soft spot for the twins since i moved to minny in 97. i would also love to see the leafs win the cup, especially now that my kings finally did it.