Saturday, July 7, 2012

Simple is good

I love when trades are easy.  Somebody sends you an email, says I would like these two cards from your collection.  They give you a list of cards to choose from, and that person lets you know you can have any of them.

Easy peasy.

So when Greg from the Collective Mind sent me an email asking me about a couple of Orioles cards I had posted on the blog, I jumped on the chance to add a couple of more Jays relics to the collection. 

Here we go with Jays relics #34 & #35

I like the '04 Sweet Threads card, the only thing that could have made it better is the color they used for the background of the name and the border of the swatch.  If that had been Blue Jay blue, the card would have been awesome.  Still no complaints though, I'm happy to have it.

The '12 Topps Ricky Romero jersey relic is also welcome here,  but what I've found interesting is the first border around the swatch.  The left side is white, but the right side is kind of a dirt brown, giving the appearance that the card is dirty.  I'm guessing that all the Golden Moments jersey cards are this way, because the Longoria I pulled has the same coloring.  Again, being a little picky about the card, but all in all I still am happy with it.

Thank you for the trade Greg!  I hope you enjoy the cards you received in return.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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