Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sakic Sunday: Two years of OPC Premier

As any collector knows, the early 90's was the overproduction era.  Baseball was not the only sport that fell into this trap, hockey cards ran through the presses at a high rate of speed as well.

Two sets that were part of this were the OPC Premier sets of 90-91 and 91-92

90-91 Premier on the left was the hottest set for hockey collectors at the time.

Not a whole lot of difference in the cards over the two years in terms of design.  The main difference is the prices.  Even though the card on the left is only a year older than the one on the right, the rampant overproduction of the '92 set is the main reason that the Sakic is 'listed' at 50 cents, while the other card is 5x more expensive. 

As you can see as well, Joe Sakic was already wearing an 'A' on his jersey by his 3rd season, and the 4th season saw him assume the captaincy full time.  Joe remained the captain of the Nordiques/Avalanche franchise for the rest of his career.  (Joe actually became captain towards the end of his 3rd season in the league, which you will see on the next post)

Over the next few weeks you will see a lot of early 90's Sakic cards, which are the genesis of my player collection for Joe.  I can still remember pulling a lot of these cards from packs, or buying them from the LCS that I frequented at the time.  It's going to be fun post and looking back at these cards, I'm looking forward to it already.

thanks for reading, Robert

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