Monday, July 2, 2012

I get insane with a little help from my friends

Inch by inch.  Step by step.  Each trade I've made lately has inched me closer to the magic number.

I can safely say inched, because the insanity set still has quite a ways to go to attain completion.  But after a slow period for a couple of months (which coincided with my lack of trading...duh), the number of cards obtained is slowly moving forward.

The set is now 37.67% complete.  565/1500 cards towards my ultimate goal.  A lot of it has been done with the help of the blogosphere.

I'm sure that a lot of guys were only too happy to "unload" a bunch of old serial numbered cards that they figured would be stuck in their collections forever. 

There's also been a couple of bloggers that have opened a lot of crinkly wrappers  and sent me quite a few cards that feature players that would make any team's starting nine, and to those two I do say thank you for the support!

But this post features a couple of other bloggers who have sent me cards within the past few weeks.  Yes, I said few weeks, because I was a little reluctant to display a bunch of cards that Jim from GCRL had sent me until I knew that he had a package from me that he was happy with.  I received that confirmation, and thus, I get to show you a little insanity.

Jim sent me a double whammy...not only did he send several serial #'d cards, he found me a few Jays as well! 

Love the older gold cards...thank you Jim!!

Not to be outdone, I received a package from the Night Owl today that contained a whole bunch of great stuff, which I'm going to have some fun with and separate over a few posts.  Here's Greg's level of insanity:

A golden RC from the Owl

Ely is having a pretty good pitching season in a hitters league in the minors, and we may see him get called up to the Dodgers sometime this season.  Although it is most welcome, this little bit of insanity is far from the biggest surprise in the envelope.  

I'm going to make you all wait for that one.  

Jim and Greg....thank you both very much for a dose of insanity!!

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. What's the surprise? What's the surprise?

  2. I am happy to feed the insanity!

  3. Niagara Falls, Niagara Falls--slowly I turned--I remember the skit well