Thursday, July 5, 2012

Another trade, another page of insanity complete

With the chatter I created earlier this week about the magazine and the debate that ensued about card values, I actually completed a very quick trade with Kyle from the Juuust a Bit Outside blog.  It was kind of interesting how the trade played out, because I had proposed an offer for some Jays that he had that I wanted, and Kyle came back with this exact phrase  "Wow, I feel like I'm getting the better end of that deal. How do you feel?"

For me, that's an awesome statement.  Honesty.  The blogosphere.  Great stuff. 

I told Kyle that I was happy with what was proposed, basically because I was getting cards that I wanted, and he was getting cards that he really wanted.  (Kyle's looking for Golden Giveaway a brother out if you can)

What did I really want that I may have forsaken "book value"?  Blue Jays, of course.

It sounds kind of crazy, but the Drabek's were the main interest for me here.  The Gold Rush cards were very cool to get as well, mainly because I'd never had any in hand before.  The EE is an SP from this year's Heritage set (thank you as well for that Kyle!), and the Barfield always takes me back to the early 80's, a great time to be growing up if you're a Jays fan (they struggled, but the team was making strides towards respectability).

What's crazy is when I saw the Sepia card of Drabek in the offer, I really wanted it.  Don't know why.  It's like a bell went off.   "Gotta have that card".   Weird huh?

Well, karma played a part in this as well, because the Sepia card is #'d 61/99.  That was the last card that I needed to finish the 7th page of the set (cards 55-63).  Take a look:

This page brought to you by some great trades with the blogosphere.

I now have 2 pages complete.  A drop in the bucket when you consider this entire set is going to take 167 pages to complete, but hey every little success is great in my eyes.

Book value, shmook value.  Give me a trade with someone in the blogosphere every time.

Thank you Kyle!  Good luck with the codes, I hope you'll let us know if you get something cool with them.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I'm pumped you enjoyed the cards! Living vicariously through my blogger buddies!

  2. What a great looking page since none of the cards are of the same variety. Congrats!

  3. Consider me quite proud that I contributed THREE cards to that page. This set of yours is coming along quite nice, I must say.