Saturday, February 11, 2012

Week 29 starts off with a Killer card

Good Saturday to you all, hope that you are having a good weekend so far.

Here in western PA the snow is coming down pretty good, 4" so far with maybe another 4 more by morning.  So, no post office, no shopping today.  Thankfully, neither snow nor sleet nor however that jingle goes stopped the postman from delivering a couple of more packages to my door today.

The first package was from Max, or better known to us all as the Google profile Jacobmrly,  and it contained a Killer card, which actually his response to my one card challenge to complete my 2002 Topps Gallery set.

Mark another set completed, which means a new addition to the Fab Five list.  2008 Upper Deck Series I baseball has been added to the Fab Five, and the set is currently 88 cards from completion. 

Max also sent a handful of other cards, 3 more Blue Jays to add the growing collection, and one more card towards true insanity.

Guess you could say Max has the Harang of what I collect.
Max, I started putting together an envelope for you...still needs some work but I will let you know when I get it in the mail.   Thank you again!!

I also won a cheapo eBay auction this week, and this card becomes the 24th addition to the Jays auto/jersey PC....

This is the 4th one I have of Chacin, not bad for a guy who only played for 3+ years with the Jays.

Now to get up to speed on that insanity set.....

Thanks for reading, Robert

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