Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Masterpieces, the word for a new type of illness

Good Wednesday evening to you all, I'm thankful to say I have only one day left before a 4 day weekend.

These damn UD Masterpieces cards...they are an evil weakness.

I've been a sucker for the "art" cards for a long time now.  My displaying the Killebrew card that finished the 2002 Topps Gallery set for me should have been a dead giveaway.  Oh yea, I posted it twice.

Well, during a fit of boredom on the weekend, I typed in the search box on eBay "2008 UD Masterpieces Jersey".  A very nice list of cards flashed on the screen in front of me.  My cheapness always gets the better of me, so I had to scroll for a while until I found this card:

Texas Rangers helmet, but plays for the Braves!!
$0.99 plus shipping.  I bid that as the maximum.  I won.  I now have it. 

It's an illness, I swear it to you. 

This is the 5th one that I have.  There's 84 more to complete the set.

With all the damn old sets I've started over the years, why have I all of a sudden become addicted to these cards!  If I could find a bunch of them at 99 cents apiece, yea I would go for this set.  But with names like Ryan (twice), Pujols, Rodriguez, Gwynn, Berra to name a few, the 99 cent price is just a dream.

For a guy who doesn't collect insert/jersey "sets", these cards have me all messed up.

[insert your favorite 4 letter word here]

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. The Rangers uni with the Braves name makes my head spin.