Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I am soooooo glad February is done with

Good Wednesday evening to you all, hope that looking forward to the weekend as much as I am.

I hate February.  Or, as my wife likes to call it, Febrrrrarrrry.  For me, even more so the last few years, I have dreaded the month of February.  It is a dreary, boring, gray kind of month and I can never wait until it ends.

Yes, spring training has started, I am well aware of that.  You don't see highlights of guys working out. (well, I don't go looking for those kind of highlights anyhow)   Saturday is a day I'm looking forward to, because I'll get to see highlights of actual spring training games.  For me, that means we're getting close to the real thing. 

I guess you could call what I had the "February blues".  What cures the February blues?  A package that arrives out of the blue.  I had no idea that Max (Jacobmrly) from the soon to be started Starting Nine blog was sending me a package of goodies totally unannounced, unsolicited, and unexpected. 

What's a package in this household without a little insanity?  Max is awesome, and has hooked me up on several occasions with some great stuff towards that set.

There was more, Blue Jays of course.  You may have seen on this post over at Night Owl Cards yesterday that I had moved a Joe Carter RC from the '84 Donruss set Greg's way.  Well, I got a pretty cool card of Joe Carter today in this package...

We've seen the image many times, but unlike you this never gets old for me.  Joe Carter celebrating my birthday 4 days early in 1993 (OK, maybe it was something else...)

This next card is of a guy that we may see in a Jays uniform this September....

Adeiny Hechavarria (I better take the time to learn that last name...) is an up and coming shortstop in the Jays system  whose offensive stats have been on quite an interesting pattern.

2010 started in high A Dunedin, where he hit a measly .193 in 41 games.  He was then moved up to AA New Hampshire where he promptly hit .273 in 61 games.  Adeiny then starts 2011 in New Hampshire where he hits .235 in 111 games, then gets a promotion to AAA Las Vegas where he promptly hits .389 and has an OPS of .968 in 25 games.   I knew the PCL inflated stats, but wow!!

I guess most of you could tell by my writing lately that the February blahs had gotten into me.   They do every year.  I know that when I see the calendar tomorrow and it says March 1st that my mood will immediately improve.  I'm still expecting one more blast of snow to come our way, but soon enough, it will be gone, and my favorite time of the year will be here. 

Get ready kids....summer is coming!!

Max, thank you very much for the unexpected goodies!!  Very much appreciated.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I enjoy February a lot more than January. February is shorter, has a break in the middle (for some people), features a Super Bowl, kicks off spring training, and even has a little holiday in there that I don't care about, but at least I get some neat stuff usually. Also, the first cards of the year show up.

    January has ... squat.

    Don't get me started on March. It's annually the craziest, most hectic month of the year. I'm always surprised I'm alive when April 1 hits.

  2. January and February both suck if you ask me!