Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2012 Trade Post # 21: Blog reader Ryan M.

Good Wednesday afternoon to you all.  Here we have the latest in trade posts for the blog.

Reader Ryan M. sent me an email, letting me know that he had a nice chunk of '11 Topps Chrome off of my want list.  Ryan had spotted several cards on my trade list that he wanted, and a trade was started.

The dent Ryan made into my Topps Chrome list was massive, I'm down to 40 cards now to complete the set.  Here are a few of the victims:

But wait, there's more!

There were two "miscellaneous" cards in the box as well.  First, Ryan was well aware of my love of anything Maple Leafs related, and he sent me a Young Guns card of Nazem Kadri.  I'm still hoping that this kid will pan out, he's shown some flashes of a great scoring touch.

Finally, another great surprise was in the box. 

Auto/relic #25 for the Jays collection
An excellent addition to all the Chrome in the box, a JP Arencibia auto!!  My 2nd JP auto card, and a welcome surprise.

Ryan, thank you so much for the trade, and the great surprises inside.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Great haul! Especially the Arencibia and Kadri as "throw-ins" haha!

  2. No problem, glad I could help you out! I almost always try to include a few surprises with my trades, just to make things interesting!

  3. I've got 11, 54 Braun, 62, 135, 150 Pujols, 162, 213 rc and for 2012 I have 127, 155, 298. Would you trade the 3Ds of Upton and Tulo for them?