Thursday, February 9, 2012

2012 Trade post # 19: The Baseball Card Snob

Good Thursday afternoon to you all, have another installment in the multitude of trade posts.

Paul from The Baseball Card Snob inquired about a few of the OPC cards I had up for trade, along with some Turkey Red from 2010 Topps that he needed.  Paul made me a very fair offer indeed, and another trade was in the books.

There of course was the obligatory group of Blue Jays cards, and a couple of 2001 Fleer Tradition cards that I needed.

The OPC Blue Jays checklist in the black border version was also a very welcome sight. 

The next two cards take the of them I picked apart the other day, but naturally it's still welcome at my home.

The jersey card on the left is a 2004 UD Vintage Matinee Idols jersey.  These 2 bring me up to 23 total Jays relics/autos...  well on the way to the 30 mark that I set at the beginning of the year as a goal.

thanks again for a great trade Paul...and best of luck with the new blog!

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Thanks for the positive press. I hope to have another post up on my blog this weekend. Once a week is about all I can handle right now.