Friday, February 3, 2012

2012 Trade post # 16: The Diamond King

Good Friday to you all, hope that you've made it through the week unscathed.

Yes my friends, it is another in a long line of trade posts, this time with Kevin over at the Diamond King blog.

I think Kevin inherited a dose of my insanity, because his current project for 2012 is collecting 1000 refractors! So, I swapped him refractors for serial numbered cards.  Everybody wins!!

Kevin also had a few '08 Masterpiece SPs to help out with that set.  Also, he had a card that I was very happy to add to the insanity collection.

2006 Topps Co-signers Zach Duke along with the legendary Negro League player Josh Gibson.  Fantastic add to the collection from where I sit!

I actually learned something today when looking up a little of Josh's background.   Did any of you know that his career started when he literally came out of the stands to replace an injured player in the middle of a ball game.   Imagine that happening in today's world!!  Sadly, Josh died 3 months before baseball became integrated; just think of his bat which was reputed to have hit 800+ HRs during his playing days on a MLB club...

Kevin, thank you for the trade, and good luck on your quest for 1000 refractors!!

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Josh is a fascinating story in baseball history and the sheer amount of legends that surround his legacy are incredible. One such tale is that one game he hit a home run that seemed to disappear in the night to win in a game and the next morning the ball came down as the two teams took the field again, an opposing fielder caught it and the umpire said to Gibson that he was out...yesterday. Obviously fabricated and grown through histories retelling but a great story none the less.