Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The new electronic leash is doing its job

Good Tuesday evening to you all, thank goodness the hardest part of the week is over. 

As any of you regular readers may have read, or noticed over the past few weeks, I have added on the right hand side of the blog a running count of my "habit fund".  I did this to attempt to get myself to stay within the $30 a week budget that I had set for myself when I started the blog.

Well, I must say, mission accomplished so far.  I've kept my spending under the $30 per week budget for the first two weeks, and this week all I've purchased so far is a discounted blaster of 2011 Topps Chrome. 

I almost had the final 3 rack packs of Topps Heritage in my hands on Sunday while Christmas shopping, but my new found fear of humiliating myself publicly on the blog kept me from buying them. 

Be that as it may, part of this post naturally is to show everyone what I pulled from the box that I did buy.  While I will say that it wasn't a "wow" box, there were enough decent cards in there for trade, along with a couple of cards that will get me a little closer towards the insanity set.

First, the base cards:

23 cards closer to the set...now on to the refractors...

The top row, Votto, Pettit and Barney are all Xfractors, and not numbered.

The middle row, Minor, Rodriguez and Valencia are base refractors.

On the bottom is a Vintage Chrome of Mark Teixeira. 

All of these "parallel" cards are for trade if anyone needs them for their collection.

Finally, the insanity set comes 2 cards closer:

Two nice cards...a Jose Bautista purple refractor #'d 411/499, and a Topps Chrome Heritage Dustin Pedroia #'d 1284. 

All in all, not a bad box, especially at 25% off.    See, the electronic leash is working by returning me to my bargain hunting el cheapo ways.


  1. If you don't have plans for that Pedroia Chrome Heritage can you put it in my ever growing stack of stuff???

  2. The week before Christmas I have a zero-dollar-a-week habit.

  3. I don't know if I could resist a discounted blaster of Chrome. Except this week.

    Good job staying under budget.

  4. Greg/Ted, it was pretty cool pulling the Bautista out..almost as if the box was calling me.

    Adam, consider the Pedroia yours.

    Owl, I hear you there, I almost didn't purchase this box as well.

    Brian, thanks for the kudos, I'm hoping that keeping track this way full time keeps me more "in line".