Monday, December 19, 2011

I get excited over such small things

Good Monday evening to you all...6 days to go until the paper assassination begins.

What did I get excited about you say?  Like I said, it is a real small thing, but for me it's cool because it's validation that the insanity set is actually going to happen.

I started putting the cards into binder pages last night.  Woo hoo, party on!!

I know, about as bland as a party hat can be huh?  Well of course it is, because that's what this topic is to most people.  But for me, putting the serial numbered cards into pages was kind of exciting, because I was able to see how the set was going to start shaping up.  

Now, instead of seeing cards like this

I can see pages start to come together, like this:

As you can see, so far Page 1 is missing serial #'d cards 2,3 and 5 ( I do have #3, I just haven't scanned and posted to the insanity blog as of yet).  I've only put together the first 40 pages so far, but the set to me is more fun now that I've gotten off my ass and placed the cards into binder pages.  

Now posts like this have a little more meaning, because things are coming together.  Cards that I win on eBay, such as these, have a little more meaning to them:

A lot of dirt on uniforms, and some great action shots as well on these cards.  (Brian, before I even catalog the Henry Blanco card, do you need it at all?  let me know...)

A lot of you can also attest to are part of my insanity....and for that I say thank you !!

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Before you go out and buy pages for 1500 cards (assuming you haven't already), let me know how many you need and I'll send them your way. I just got done emptying out a half dozen binders and put the cards into my library card file (which is awesome, by the by). I've got a big pile of pages that I have no use for.

  2. I've got that one, but thanks for thinking of me.

    By the way, Eric L, I've always wanted some of those library card files to store cards.

  3. I sent you a #3 also! you'll have something to trade! if it's not mine, forgot who it was though!

  4. Eric, that's awesome, I've bought the first 100, so probably about 60 more will do the trick. I'll send you an email to discuss further.

    Brian, no problem, I saw that card when I received it and thought of you...very cool shot.

    Martyn, look forward to receiving the cards you have sent. I may replace the #3 I have with yours, we shall see!!

  5. Enjoy the fun part the end it will be like..."I need a Devil Ray numbered 878 and can't find one anywhere!!! ARGGGH!" :-)


  6. Josh, that was one of the issues I brought up when I first started the project, the last few cards will be difficult. That's part of the fun of this least for me anyhow..