Friday, December 23, 2011

Cool cards # 9 & # 10

Found a couple more cards that I thought were cool.  Guess you could call this the St. Louis Cardinals edition of cool cards.

# 9.  Mark McGwire, 2001 Topps # 50

Say what you will about Mark McGwire and steroid use, but between Mark and Sammy Sosa, the 2 of them rejuvenated baseball in the '98 season with an epic home run race.  Mark's 70 HR's that season was a record that I thought would stand the test of time.  Sadly, a truly juiced up man broke it three years later when the new "record" of 73 was hit in 2001.

Why do I think the McGwire card is cool?  Love the bat flying out of his hands, likely after belting another home run out of the park. 

#10.  Ozzie Smith, 1987 Topps # 749


I found this card not too long ago in one of those 100 card packs for $4 or $5 at Target.  The reason I thought this card was cool was that it almost looks as if Ozzie is saluting.  For me, it was kind of appropriate since a lot of news was made recently about a large number of US troops coming home, just before the holidays.  God Bless you military people, you do a job that I am sure I could never do.
Ozzie is also the subject of one of the best calls ever..."Go Crazy Folks, Go Crazy"  

For me, these two cards are cool.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Out of all the alleged steroid users, I respect McGwire the most. He's just trying to get over it and get on with his career. Coming clean eventually and not having to do jailtime or anything but actually working for the St. Louis organization. Unlike Bonds here....