Saturday, November 5, 2011

Week 15 begins at the monthly card show

Good Saturday to you all, hope that your weekend is going well so far.  Was able to make it out to the local card show today, and had a lot of good luck finding stuff for my various sets/collections.  So without further adieu, let's get cracking...

First, I grabbed the last card I needed to finish the Lineage set...this brings me up to 7 completed sets so far.

A Prince he is

I also found 5 more cards towards my 2010 Topps set, I think I'm down to less than 20 total to complete it.

Next, I was able to hit some more of my 77 Topps set needs:

Almost as if Cliff is saying "you better not be calling that a strike"

Not just any Tom, Dick and Harry here.  Tom Seaver, Bruce Sutter and Steve Carlton are among some of the cards I got on the cheap.  Also got a decent Dale Murphy RC, card #1 Batting leaders featuring George Brett and Bill Madlock, and a mean looking Cliff Johnson.  I bought a 100 count lot of commons for $6, about 55 of which I needed for the set, the rest will go into the trade pile.

I was also able to find a bunch of serial numbered parallels for good prices as well:

I knew I would end up with more GQ

New stuff I hadn't seen before here

As I mentioned in last night's post, I really liked the card that Ryan G had sent me from Gypsy Queen.  I saw these 2 parallels in a $1 box at the show, and decided to grab them both.  I also picked up a lot of star players on the cheap as well, including Fielder, Ortiz, Bagwell, Cabrera, Crawford, and Ramirez.

I was also happy that I was able to catch another low number for the insanity set, as the Speaker GQ card was serial number 6. 

The Alex Wimmers was from this years Bowman Platinum, the Blue Parallel numbered out of 199.
The Melvin Mora in the center of this scan is from the '06 Opening Day set.  I had never seen a red foil parallel before, so I decided to grab this one for the set as well.  All totaled I believe I came home with another 22 serial numbered cards, most of them for 25-50 cents apiece.

Next, I was happy to add another auto to my Blue Jays collection today; you may have noticed it as the background already...

#1 draft pick for Jays in 2010

Deck had not too bad a season in his first full year of pro ball for the Jays, he pitched in Class A Dunedin for most of the year, and finished the season in AA New Hampshire, with a combined 9-5 record in 21 starts with an ERA of 3.02 and a WHIP of 1.229.  Not too shabby at all. 

I was able to pickup a couple of jersey cards, and some other odds and ends for about $35 today, not too shabby.  A nice warm up show to get ready for Canada's "National" next weekend.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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