Monday, November 21, 2011

It's Pascal Dupuis Error Day

It's also Sidney Crosby's comeback day, but haven't you heard enough about him? 

Thought I'd share some interesting stuff I found this evening on Pascal Dupuis' UD 11-12 base card.

First, take a look at his actual career stats, with a thank you to  The first error you'll notice on the stats is that hockeydb has him shooting right handed, when in actual fact he shoots left handed.

Second, as you can see he's been in the league 10 years now with 4 different teams.

Now, here's a scan of this year's card...
Something not quite right here.

All of a sudden, Pascal has become quite the goal scorer!!  He's also had 5 years of his career lopped off as well.

I think for a minute, then I realize, those stats are Evgeni Malkin's career stats, not Dupuis.  Now that, is an error card.

To wit, we've all bitched about Topps and their collation issues...well Upper Deck is just as bad here.  I've only purchased 2 rack packs, and in each of the packs, I found the following 4 cards; Nazem Kadri, Tyler Ennis, Logan Couture, James Neal, in the same order, back to back in both packs.

You see that and you wanna scream...what the hell!!?? Then I see this card, and I remember why I buy Upper Deck Hockey cards...

Great card

The scan unfortunately doesn't do the card justice.  This is Drew Doughty of the LA Kings giving away his stick at the end of the game after no doubt being selected the first star.  LOVE the purple and gold retro jerseys, and the purple and gold on the ice gives the card a great look.

UD, you're forgiven....this time.

It's not too often I spot errors on cards like the big error on Dupuis' card, so when I do, I'm definitely going to toot my own horn, or so to speak...

By the way, Sid had 4 points tonight.   No biggie

thanks for reading, Robert

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