Thursday, June 20, 2019

Yea, none of these will be complete set #5

Well, I finished off a trade with fellow blogger Curtis which saw me send a mixed bag of hockey, football and baseball his way, and in return my package that arrived today (after just over 2 weeks travelling via dog sled from the Canadian plains) saw me knock out a bunch of Bruins from a couple of OPC sets

That might be close to the entire Bruins team set from the 09-10 OPC set, which is coming along quite nicely I must say.  I'm about a third of the way through the base 600 card set (I won't be chasing the high number update set) which is a lot farther along than I thought I would be for just seriously starting to pursue this set a couple of months ago.  The Torey Krug in the lower right hand corner is the first card for the 14-15 OPC set that I've picked up in a while.  That set is just over 1/2 complete.

Barry Beck is just the 17th card I own for the 1985-86 OPC set.  This set will probably take me quite a long time to finish, as I seem to only be able to pick up one card at a time.  I now have just 17 of the 264 card set in hand which isn't a major concern as I know it will be well into the 2020's before I finish the set because I'm so cheap and there's that Mario Lemieux RC that I'll need to find for less than a monthly car payment.

This also marks my 60th trade completed on the TCDB website so far in 2019, well ahead of the pace for 100 trades by the end of the calendar year.

Great stuff to add to the collection, thank you Curtis, the cards are really appreciated!!

Thanks for reading.


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