Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Try A Pack #7: 2017 Donruss Optic

For me, this is a little steep at $9.49 for a 16 card pack.  It's the Donruss version of Topps Chrome, which goes for roughly the same price per card. 

The base is no different than the regular Donruss base set.   I got quite lucky here and pulled two of the Blue Jays (Tulo and Joey Bats) for my Jays collection.  Managed to pull some decent players in my pack, including Arenado and Corey Seager. 

The pack promises 4 purple parallels.  I fared quite well here as well, even though the Chris Sale in hand looks red instead of purple.  The base purple cards scanned quite well, showing off the purple a lot better than in hand. 

Some more base cards, including a couple of Diamond Kings, and a pair of Rated Rookies.  Can't say that I've heard of either Musgrove or Giolito, so I imagine that I should be following AL games a little bit closer.

The Springer is a Prizm parallel, or Holo as the TCDB calls it.  Aledmys Diaz's card is the only insert in the pack; part of the 15 card All Star set which includes some big names like Trout, Harper, Bryant and Machado. 

This is pretty much a jazzed up Chrome version of the base Donruss set.  To be honest, I prefer the base set, largely because of the price. 

Everything is up for trade aside from the Blue Jays cards.  Comment or email (rmitchell6700 @ yahoo) if something strikes your fancy.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Could I snag the Bellinger rated rookie away from a Dodgers fan?

  2. Eesh ... $9.49 for a single 16-card pack? That's a bit steep. Those are some nice looking cards but I've never been one for buying Chrome (or Optic) by the pack, it's double the price of its non-chromed brother but with half the cards.

  3. I think they are nice looking, but definitely too pricey.

  4. If you're interested, I have the Prizm/holo Josh Donaldson. I'd be interested in the Chris Sale DK.

    1. Matt, sounds good to me. When you get a chance, send an email to rmitchell6700 @ yahoo dot com with your address and I'll get the Sale DK in the mail.

  5. the purples did scan well! i'm all about supporting Panini and like Optic. Until licensed, they cant expect to compete at the same level with pricing.