Monday, September 11, 2017


For the second year in a row, my better half and I have felt fortunate to escape the wrath of a hurricane that just devastated other parts of Florida.

This time, Irma got a good shot in on the Naples (southwest corner of the state) area, missing us by about 80 miles (roughly).  We spent the entire weekend in the house, shuttered up from the world.  I didn't even venture out of the house until about 4PM yesterday afternoon, to the protests of my wife. 

We were much better prepared for this hurricane, but still weren't 100% ready.  No spare gas as I couldn't find a 5 gallon container anywhere in my area (that will be handled shortly) and we still don't have the spare money for a generator.   That's something we will look to purchase in the near future. 

I do want to thank all the well wishers out there who followed my insanity over the past few days.  Your thoughts and words were very much appreciated.

Now, back to cards.

I've finally updated the goalie frankenset page with all the cards that I posted on the weekend.   But I still have the stack that Mike from NABCB sent me.  I went through it more thoroughly today, and found that he actually sent two cards that have the same card number.   So, I'm going to leave it up to everyone to vote on which card goes in the set.

Both of these cards are #9, so you tell me.  Andy Moog or Patrick Roy?

Both of them have pretty good mask shots, but I don't want to play favorites.  So you decide.

Just leave a comment with the goalie's name you want in the set.   It's that simple. 

Your help is appreciated, Robert


  1. Sorry about that lol

    I think Moog, honestly.. Better shot at the helmet..

  2. Go with Moog, Roy was a jackass

  3. Personally I would go with the Roy because I prefer the regular uniform over an all-star uniform.

  4. I'm going with Mood....Roy was/is a dick.

    Glad to hear you are doing well.

  5. MOOOOG - i think this was an easy one. glad all turned out well for you. I had time to follow you on Twitter throughout. Thanks for keeping us posted!