Tuesday, August 13, 2019


Forgetful.   As I've gotten older, I struggle at times to remember things.  From the small to the very important, I've resorted to many methods of ensuring that I don't forget important dates or events (like my wife's birthday for example). 

One example of my forgetfulness is a PWE that I received while I was away on vacation from Gavin at the Baseball Card Breakdown blog.  I had won a prize in a contest he held a while back, but had totally forgotten about it.  As in what in the world am I getting from Gavin?

When I saw the first half dozen cards, the memory bank flashed back to a few weeks (I think it's weeks) ago.

The Tom Seaver lot was not right in my alley, but I did need the '83 Topps card for the set I'm putting together, and figured that I could put the others up for trade.   The Donruss Elite card of Aaron Sanchez is already obsolete to Jays fans as he was recently traded to the Astros.  The Zack Cozart card is a glossy parallel so that added a little oomph to the lot.

But wait, there's more!

I know from the scan it's hard to see, but this is an autograph of Daniel Corcino from 2013 Bowman.  He is long since gone from the Reds system, and is now property of the Dodgers.  He's had a few good seasons in the Dominican Winter League, and has had a couple of brief stints in the majors, last with the Dodgers in 2018.  

Last up is 4 cards from my 1974 Topps want list, a very pleasant surprise indeed!  These cards bring my list down to just 101 cards to finish off the set.  While I don't believe that 2019 is in the cards for finishing this set, I'm sure that sometime in 2020 I'll be scanning and showing off the entire set for     everyone. 

Thank you very much Gavin for the cards, they are appreciated! 

Thanks for reading!



  1. The 74T World Series highlights cards are awesome! I just picked up a few this past weekend.