Saturday, June 15, 2019

Trade, trade, and trade again

With the new card purchases at a premium, trading has become a big part of the card way of life here. 

I thought that the 100 trade goal on TCDB for 2019 might have been a bit lofty, but it turns out that I could finish it by Thanksgiving! I recently pulled in a few trades of varying sizes, so I figured we'll get a post out of the cards that came in.

A small 3 for 3 trade starts the post off, as Billy (TCDB ID: billwill305) and I made a quick trade of some recent inserts/parallels.   3 more cards off of the Green GQ list...

I am going to enjoy putting this set together.  Hopefully it won't take me 25 years like the Players Club set that I showed off the other day has.

Next us is a trade with Nick (TCDB ID: hittinaway), that was a home run for me.   Not only did I get the 4 cards that were offered...

Parallels all over the place here
But Nick was extremely generous and added a few extras to put a smile on my face:

A single John Olerud card never hurts the cause, as that collection closes in on the 100 card mark.

The 5 '89 UD cards were great to see as well, as that is another set that I'm looking to finish this year.  A large part of what I still need from that set are the high numbers, accounting for about 1/2 of the 135 cards still needed to finish it up.

A nice little stack of '82 Topps rounds out the generosity portion of this envelope.  This is another set that is on the radar for completion this year, with just over 200 cards to go. 

Maybe the 5 completed sets goal was a bit light...let's shoot for 10!

Last but not least is 3 time trade partner Tom (TCDB ID: BigOinPA), who helps me get my hockey fix.   I traded off a bunch of Flyers inserts and parallels, along with some Pirates base cards and nabbed a few Felix Potvin cards for that collection:

Easily my favorite of these is the 94-95 Ultra on the bottom that gives a nice close up shot of the cat mask that I've loved for a long time.  To go along with the Potvin's, I received 40 cards from another set that I've added a fair number of cards to this year, 2009-10 OPC

While the 40 cards puts a nice dent into the set, I'm only at just over 200 of the 600 cards needed.  I don't expect to have this one finished this year.   I did get lucky at last weekend's card show however and was able to snag 40 of the SPs at just a dime apiece, which was a great feeling. 

These 3 trades put the 2019 count up to 59, putting me on pace to finish the year at about 120 which is more than I would have dreamed of.   TCDB has definitely changed my outlook on collecting, as I've been able to get a lot of cards that I wasn't going to enjoy into hands of collectors who will.  In return, I've knocked off quite a few wants, and started putting want lists together for sets that a few years ago I never would have dreamed of even completing. 

The extra time spent doing this has been well worth it....

Thanks for reading!



  1. Dave McKay had quite the 'stache in 1982.

  2. Agreed. The time it takes to enter all your cards on TCDB is well worth it. Setting up trades is very easy.

  3. I was going to hold off on making more trades for a couple weeks, but since you've got a 100-trade goal I'll head on over to TCDB and see if I have anything you need for a possible swap. I'm hockeydude)