Saturday, September 9, 2017

Irmageddon, part 2

By the time this appears on the blog, the steady rain will have begun.  The forecast is anywhere from 8 to 15 inches of rain by the time this is all over, nothing near what Harvey dumped on South Texas.  But with all the canals and inlets that surround where I live, that amount of rainfall will cause some flooding for sure.

Enough of that, you're here to see the cards!!  18 more for you on this post, 3 groups of 6 goalie cards....

#'s 56,57,58,62,66 & 70

Dominic Roussel's card will likely be replaced eventually, but I thought it was interesting to put in the set to start because it looks as if his midsection is coming apart at the seams.  The Kirk McLean card may be the only one from 90-91 Bowman that remains in the set.   Ben Scrivens' card doesn't give a great shot of his mask, but it's a good place holder for now at #70

#'s 71 74 78 88 94 & 98

Great shot of Mike Vernon's San Jose Sharks mask, and even though I will always despise the Red Wings, you can't beat a good mask with the Wings logo, just ask Jimmy Howard.  I think the OPC retro cards look cool, but that could be a card that's replaced over time as well.

#'s 100 101 102 107 109 & 114

I barely remembered Darrin Madeley, but that's a pretty cool mask from the early days of the Senators.  Eric Fichaud's mask of the Gorton's Fisherman from the mid 90's is a keeper as well, as you will not see any of those any time soon.  Mike Dunham's card is also a solid one with the puck hitting his midsection, great shot! 

Knocked off 30 goalie cards in 2 days!  Another big group tomorrow on the day of reckoning....

Stay safe, Robert


  1. Thinking of you and the other Floridians on the cardsphere. Good luck!

  2. Keeping you in my thoughts! I know a few people in St Pete and Ft Meyer. All chose to stay.

  3. I hope you, your family, and your goalies are safe.