Wednesday, September 13, 2017

2017--a wild and crazy ride so far

It's funny what comes into my head for post ideas lately.  I probably overdid the hurricane angle, even though it was relevant to my train of thought for those few days. 

I'm sitting at the computer Monday evening reading Daniel's blog (catching up is more like it) and going over his annual collecting goals.  I sat and thought to myself how am I doing with my 2017 goals?  Well, I had to go back and look and I seem to be at a strong "D" grade.

1.  Set completion.  64 Topps?  check.  88-89 OPC hockey?  check.  73 Topps?  2 to go.  Stalling on that one.  Have 3.5 months to go so if I buckle down, I can get an A.

2.  Video posts.  Once a month.  Nope.  Did 2 of them and stopped.  My wife goes to her friends house once a month for a day and a half.  Need to train myself to complete videos when she goes away.  Grade:  F

3.  COMC.  Have the cards in place, but there's too many unknowns for me right now to submit them.  Grade:  Incomplete

4. Jays and Leafs collections.  Sorted and posted to spreadsheets.  Scratched the surface on the Jays, haven't touched the Leafs.  Probably will not finish by the end of the year.  Grade:  

5.  Contest, 100 cards/100 words.  Well now, something I've completed!!  Grade:  A

6.  2016 Allen & Ginter completion.  62 cards to go.  If I don't finish this one, I should absolutely be ashamed.  I'm going to give myself an A on this, because I'm going to finish the damn set.

7.  $2K. Well, I had every intention of spending this kind of money this year, but it's funny how life gets in the way.  Probably 60% of that will be what's spent by year's end.  Not going to grade this one, just because.

Even among the chaos that has been my 2017 so far, I've started a couple of hockey projects, the serial numbered hockey set and the goalie mask frankenset.  In my mind, I've wanted to get back to hockey a bit more this year, and these two sets have me more involved with posting over the past couple of weeks.

I've also kept up with my other blog, the Player PC's blog has averaged better than a post a day again this year.   It has been easy for the most part, only typing 3 lines for each card, but what the blog has done for me is keeping focused on updating and picking up more cards for my PCs.

One card rule:

One day, I'm going to get around to doing my all time Blue Jays 40 man roster.   You can be sure that this guy will be on it.

Posting one card like this also reminds me to check the Trading Card Database to see if the card has been scanned onto the site (this one already was).  I am a big believer in what the site is doing, and will keep trying to help out in any way I can to add cards.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Dave Stieb is my all-time favorite Blue Jay... but Tony Fernandez is definitely in the Top 5. I haven't forgotten about the 5 cards you sent earlier in the year that helped me with those sets. A package with your name on it will go out one of these days. Super sorry about the delay!

  2. ive tried setting goals but they arent realistic to the time i have devoted to the hobby. my hours at the office are not collector friendly at least four solid months a year. (Accounting...) i get so far behind during this time, i spend the other months trying to catch up. im always impressed by those of you who make goals and actually meet a few of them. congrats!