Monday, November 30, 2015

Onwards and Upwards

The Black Friday weekend was a productive one for me, collection wise.   I took some time and money to make some purchases on both COMC and eBay.  Not only did I knock off some more base cards for my 3 player PC's, I grabbed a few cards off of a couple of vintage want lists.

Not only did I buy cards, but I actually took some time to think about the "final five".  My final five are the last 5 vintage sets that I will actively pursue in the near future.  Before I talk briefly about those sets, let me confirm that those 5 sets will not feature sets that I'm close to finishing, such as....

1964 Topps.  This is my baby, the original vintage set that I've spent the most time working on.  Going into the holiday weekend I was 60 cards away from completion, a number that was reduced with a couple of eBay purchases that feature some stars and some high numbered cards.  I'm already anticipating their arrival.

Another set that I'm close to completing is this classic...

1973 Topps.  Coming into the weekend, I was 16 cards away from completion (not including upgrades).  That number was cut in half during the holiday, and of the 8 cards that remain, only the Schmidt/Cey RC would be considered pricey.  The hunt will be on this weekend at the card show to find a decent copy at a decent price.

Finally, the 3rd set that I'm not including in the final five is the one that the blogosphere mandated I complete...1959 Topps

I also took some time during the weekend to get the '59 cards I own into a binder.  That little exercise made me realize that this is a wonderful looking set, and picking up the remaining 60% will be very enjoyable. 

Two of the final five sets have been on my want list for quite a while, so they aren't a mystery.  Two others are sets I really like from the 60's.  The fifth set is where I'm stuck; I have a couple of starter sets, but neither really jump out at me.  I'm hoping that a trip to the monthly card show on Friday will inspire me to find the final piece of the puzzle.

I'm sure that some card at the vintage table will pop out at me and say "this is the set".  Once that happens, it'll be onwards and upwards.  I'm hoping it does.....

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. That Fox and Killer Killebrew is awesome! I've gotta track one of those down for myself.

  2. Is that the Green monster behind Fox and Killer? '61 All Star Game photo maybe.

    1. I would say that is the monster....