Monday, September 28, 2015


It is great to be back and functioning again as a blogger.   You don't know how much I've missed being a part of the community for the past few months.  Between the move, and not having the necessary equipment after the move, posting has been virtually non-existent.

I'm hoping that this is going to change.   Honestly, I really want it to change.   I enjoy writing, and showing off cards that I've acquired either through trade or purchase.

My SNI project with all 1500 cards (when complete) gives me quite a large # of possibilities for posts.  I happened to be trolling through the first binder on Sunday and came across some potential World Series match ups.

Remember the I-70 series of 1985?   Blue Jays fans such as myself would rather forget it (Damn you Jim Sundberg), but there's a real possibility that it could happen again this year.   Losing Carlos Martinez is a big blow for the Cards, but with Adam Wainwright coming back (maybe?) you'd have to think that the Cards will be right there for the NL Pennant.

Fast forward 15 years and you have the subway series that sent New Yorkers into the stratosphere.  While this may not be quite as likely to happen this year, the postseason always brings about a surprise or 2, so this is definitely something that could happen.

A Pittsburgh-Toronto World Series is also a possibility, and if it were to happen, you probably wouldn't see or hear from me for up to 7 nights while my ass would be glued to a chair.  My lifelong fandom of the Blue Jays, coupled with my recent obsession with the small market Pirates and how they've built a contender from the ground up would only be strengthened with this match up.

Yes, there are other teams in the mix...Dodgers, Cubs and whoever survives the AL west to mention 3.

I just have this feeling that this postseason might be one of the most memorable ever.  There are a lot of strong teams in the mix right now, and choosing World Series participants may be more difficult this year than it has in recent memory.

Thanks for reading, Robert


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  2. I'd be glued to my chair as well. Fellow Jays fan but since I just started my blog, I'd find a way of keeping up :)

  3. I think it would be fun to watch the Blue Jays and the Pirates play. Going to be a tough road for the Pirates by facing the Cubs in the wildcard and the Cards in the division series.

    Glad you are back!

  4. Good to see you back! I do understand. I was quite unrealistic, thinking I could move on June 1 and be back online blogging in a few days, or couple of weeks. It's still sporadic for me. I've missed reading and the interaction among all of you guys! Hope you're settling in fine! Drop me a line with your new address. I may be able to pull some new Jays out of my hat for you.