Saturday, May 2, 2015

Half price you say? Well why not...

This weekend was the last monthly card show at the nearby mall until school starts up in September.   I usually only hit a couple of tables when I go, and today was no different.   After I bought a few bucks worth of cards from the first table (trade fodder), I stopped at my vintage table.   Ray didn't hesitate to tell me that his bargain stacks on the far right hand side of his table were 50% off, since he was looking to clear out some inventory before the summer began.

Had my budget been a lot larger, this post might have gone on for quite some time.  But since that isn't the case, I have just a half dozen half off cards that I want to show off.  I believe that these six are worth a bit of your time.

Let's start with a couple of 67's

Chatham, Ontario's Fergie Jenkins was one of the first cards I spotted.  For $1.50, this was an easy pickup.  The '67 Topps set isn't one that I've started getting serious about yet (I only had 86 cards before today), but if I can keep finding deals on cards like this one and the next one I'm going to show off, I may have to pick up the pace a little.

More and more I am enjoying the player combo cards from the late 50's and 60's, and this card is no exception.  Anytime you can find a card in nice condition featuring 2 Hall of Famers for $4, you just have to say yes.  (Cue the Daniel Bryan chant....)

I really didn't have any intention of picking up some expensive '59 Topps cards today, but these 4 1/2 price cards certainly didn't hurt the wallet...

An unmarked checklist for $2.  You betcha!!

A rookie card featuring one third of one of the most famous sets of brothers to ever play the game for $4.   Thank you very much!!

An off center card of Mr. Cub for $5?  You better believe I couldn't resist.  My sets don't have to be perfect, that takes up too much time, and money.   This is just fine and dandy for me.

Dinged?  Bottom right corner is a bit of a mess, yes indeed.  Top right corner, yea that is a bit of a soft spot as well.  But when you see a '59 Topps card that "books" for $100 or more on a table, and the asking price is $6, you're a fool if you don't grab it.  My mama didn't raise any fools. 

For a little over $20, I added 6 pieces to my collection today that I am very happy with.  Vintage can be found even if you're on a tight budget.   Although it's probably a little easier for me than some other collectors, because I'm not quite as condition sensitive when it comes to putting sets together.

Now if I could only find the '59 Mantle at these prices...

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. For the price of a blaster. Awesome!

  2. HOLY HELL!!!! Those last two for $11????? Where are these sellers?

  3. For the price of a blaster, I'd say you did extremely well there, Robert. Love the '59 Banks/Mays especially.

  4. As much as my collection is allergic to Giants, man oh man, I woulda jumped all over that Fence Busters card and the Mays AS cards same as you.
    I love those multi-player cards from the 50's.

  5. That is an awesome bunch of cards for just a little more than $20! Great job, Robert!

  6. What a deal! Sweet vintage with old time pricing! Congrats!

  7. I can't even find stuff like that at my biannual card show.

  8. Superb score. That Banks is a beauty.