Friday, April 3, 2015

Nifty fifty

I received an email from Marc who writes the Remember the Astrodome blog while I was on vacation.  Marc had quite a few of my Topps 2015 wants, and was willing to send them my way, no questions asked.

Works for me!!

The envelope arrived today, with exactly 50 cards.   I'm not sure if Marc planned it that way, but it worked out great as far as the title for this blog post goes.

Opening Day has foil parallels as well?  Yikes.  Yes, I like the price point of opening day for attracting kids, but I think Topps really needs to differentiate this set from the flagship.   {From a little digging I found that this is a "Blue Opening Day" card}

Still, it's cool to have another Blue Jay from the '15 releases in the fold.

Wow!  I've seen a couple of these Hit the Dirt inserts, and the photography is fantastic.  It's as if Reyes has dirt on his beard and around his right eye.  This might be the top Blue Jay card for 2015 as far as I'm concerned.

Marc sent me a handful of 2014 Topps needs.   I feel ashamed that I still have some of those on my want list.  Might be a good idea to do something about that soon.

On a side note, it's been tough seeing video of Andrew McCutchen with out his dread locks.   They were like his signature, unmistakable.

3 home run hitters, and two guys that do their best to prevent them.  No Blue Jays on the HR leaders card this year, but two of them made the top 10 at least. 

Come on James, you have the right style of mask, get a little artwork done, show off your identity.  Why get the modern mask if you're not going to jazz it up a little?

I'm very curious to see how Stanton performs in 2015 after that horrific beaning he suffered last season.  He's had a pretty good spring (.313 with 4HR in 48 AB), but the quality of pitching that he faced in the spring will not match what he's going to face starting Monday against the Braves.  200 homers is just 46 away, I'd love to see him reach that milestone at age 25.

I'm hitting the monthly card show this weekend, with a want list for Bru and a few other people.  Maybe I'll try and knock off the rest of the singles I need for '15 Topps.

Marc, thank you for the cards, they are greatly appreciated! 

thanks for reading, Robert

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