Saturday, April 11, 2015

Mr. Cub--the '61 version

For the last 6 weeks, collecting cards has really taken a back seat in my life.  Up until this week, I've probably spent $10 on cards in that time.  I had hoped to change that last weekend with the monthly card show, but my failing memory didn't remind me that it was Easter weekend, and the show was postponed.

So, to cure the card buying jones that I had, I hit eBay.  By accident, I came across this card...

the auction title had NO CREASES in all caps, so I took a shot.  Imagine my surprise when I received notification that I won the auction, for less than $20!

The '61 Topps set is nowhere on my radar right now, and may never well be.  But the chance to pick up a really nice card of Ernie Banks doesn't come along too often, so I took it.

If I didn't take this chance, how would I have ever known that Ernie was a fine swimmer??

thanks for looking, Robert


  1. Great find! Some gaudy numbers between 1957 and 1960. He played just about every game, averaged close to .300, hit over 40 HR each and almost half of his hits were for extra bases. And this is your shortstop!