Sunday, February 22, 2015

That's enough for me

Had to hit the local Wal Mart today, so I figured I would take one last trip down the card aisle looking for a series 1 blaster.   I picked that up along with a rack pack and declared myself done as far as series 1 purchases go. 

I'm going to work on sorting what I have over the next few days and getting a want list up so people can start getting rid of their dupes (grin).  I did pull quite a few more inserts to show off, in the hopes that there are people out there that will take them off of my hands.

So speak now, or forever hold your peace...

I have 4 other highlight of the year cards, Jose Canseco (88), Cal Ripken Jr. (01), Mike Schmidt (76), New York Giants (51).  All of them are available.

I also have the Mark McGwire archetypes card as well.   All are available...

I like the Robbed in left, center, and right idea, but there's one thing missing on the Michael Morse card.   The ball.   I like the look of the Hammerin' Hank card, but I'm sure that there's someone else out there that is more interested in it than I am. 

This is also not a bad idea.   I also have the Alex Rodriguez and Mike Piazza cards for this insert set available.

Foil parallels.   I'm looking for the Blue Jays foil parallels as well if anyone ever comes across them in their journeys. 

The Alexi Ogando was the only gold parallel I pulled today.  It's the only card spoken for, as it's headed to PATP in Texas (unless he doesn't want it...).  The Pennant Chase card was the first one that I've seen so far and I like the idea.   It reminds me of the old Upper Deck predictors cards back in the 90's. 

As far as the Free Agent cards go, I also have David Ortiz and Alex Rodriguez (pictured in Rangers uniform) available.

If there are any Blue Jays in this manufactured relic set, I'm interested in those.  If anyone would like the Harper, please let me know and hopefully we can work something out.

Drop a comment if there's something that you wish to have....hopefully this post will not take 3 hours to appear in the blog rolls like yesterday's did.  

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Hey Robert, do you mind putting the Miggy "Highlight", Adam Jones/Jorge Soler "First Home Run" inserts, and the Rizzo foil parallel aside for me?

    1. Man... Nick beat me to the punch on the Rizzo foil parallel. I think his professors need to load him down with more classwork so I can have a fighting chance next time.

  2. Hey bud, I'm in for the archetypes and the Chippah!

    hit up waxaholic after you're done sorting, I have my needs and my doubles listed there...

  3. I don't know what that Pennant Chase card is, but I'm interested.