Monday, February 9, 2015

So far, February is off to a good start

For the first time in 2015, I was able to get some packages in the mail today.   Not as many as I would have liked (only 3), however, since I'm working the late shift again on Tuesday, I'll be able to get some more packages out the door.

It's funny how the blog/trade/card lethargy that I experienced in January has done a complete 180 so far in February.  I should have at least 3 more bubble mailers on the way tomorrow, and this is the 8th post so far this month.  Compared to the 12 posts in January, which I think is my all time low, February is off to a rocking start.

Part of the great start this month was the card show that I attended this past Saturday.  The quest for the '64 set was my starting point at the show, and I was able to knock off half a dozen high numbered cards at a reasonable price...

I'm now below 80 cards needed to finish the set, 79 to be exact.  Even though there's still a lot of high dollar cards left on my want list, it feels pretty good to get closer to finishing this set.  I've tried collecting vintage sets in the past (before I started blogging), and wound up giving up on them quickly because I got frustrated at the speed, or lack thereof, that the sets were progressing. Finishing the '64 set will be quite an accomplishment for me, and I can't wait to show it all off to everyone.

I also picked up cards for other 60's sets as well.  I'm feeling the love more and more for the '67 set, but completing it is well down on the list.   I did pick up one team card on the cheap....

Quick question for anyone out there, did Don Larsen ever smile on any of his cards?

He just never seems to be a happy camper.  His card was the first '62T that I've picked up in a while, as I've kind of set this set aside in pursuit of others.

The biggest haul of the show was a nice dent I put into the '68 T want list.   29 cards were removed, several of them at a quarter apiece! 

I also managed to pick up about 20 1959 Topps cards as I had wanted to.  I did get a couple of star cards to go with a bunch of commons...

Finding cards such as Mazeroski in western PA, in this condition, at the price I paid ($3.50) is rare, so for me that was a win.  The Aparicio is well loved, but for $2 it was an easy sell. 

I was able to stick to the game plan, hitting almost every one of my want lists, except for the Serial Numbered Insanity set.  I do have a few of those on the way, so it hasn't been totally ignored.

Yes, February is off to a good start so far, I just have to keep the ball rolling.

thanks for reading, Robert

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